At Bright Oaks of Aurora, something’s always happening. From time to time we host events that give people another reason to come in and see this beautiful community up close. To learn if it’s a fit for you, you’re invited to attend—and by all means, bring a friend!  

Upcoming Events

March 23, 2017 - Entertainer's Showcase


Monthly Veterans Social


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Meeting Planning

Are you looking for a place to host your meetings?  We have wonderful rooms and gathering areas to hold small and medium sized groups.  This is complimentary if your meeting is senior oriented but all we ask is that our residents (family members) be allowed to observe/participate in some way; whether it is greeting groups, helping to set-up for the meeting, or observing/participating in the meeting somehow. There will be a room charge and clean up fee if you want to reserve a room for a birthday party or private gathering.

Click here to view meeting areas. 

Please contact Tracey Borysko at 630-607-7752 or send an e-mail to to check availability and to schedule your meeting.


Stop in to learn more

Call (630) 892-8800 and schedule a visit, and we’ll be happy to show you around. Learn more about a unique new approach to senior living. 

Live and learn!
The Bright Oaks community loves to keep up with the times, thanks to the curious nature of our Family Members and their neighbors. We offer opportunities for people to learn how to:

  1. Live an active life
  2. Make choices that result in healthier body
  3. How to exercise your brain to prevent Alzheimer
  4. Memory rejuvenation
  5. Arts and crafts
  6. Cooking
  7. How to make friends
  8. Secrets of good parenting
  9. How to love your family
  10. And much more!

Some of these events are taught by our own members, and some by experts that work with us from various fields. If you have something you are good at, and would like to teach or share it with our family, please volunteer and let us learn from you.

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Stop in and learn more

Call (630) 892-8800 or email us to schedule a visit. We'll be happy to show you around. Act soon for the best suite selection. More

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