What Assisted Living and Memory Care should be.

This is a senior living concept so new we have a unique name for it—Purposeful Family Living. At Bright Oaks of Aurora, we don’t believe people should move to a place to quietly live out the rest of their lives. We believe people must continue to grow, explore new things and make new memories, and do it all where, when, and how they choose. We designed Bright Oaks of Aurora to promote personal growth—because Life Happens Here.

All of the senior services and care you expect—and so much more!

In a Purposeful Family Living community, you do not have Residents and Care Staff. This is what you would see in a nursing home. In a family, the only thing you have is family members. Our staff and residents are all part of the same family. People who live in the building are Family Members, and the staff, Extended Family Members. Just like when your extended family come and visit you and then go to their own homes, our Extended Family Members come to visit the Family Members during the day, and go home after. An Assisted Living Facility is not the same as a Family Home, regardless of how much you try to say it is.

It isn’t just Assisted Living—it’s Assisted Independence

With Assisted Independence, our Family Members don't just live. At Bright Oaks, we're here to help people Make Life Happen and achieve all their dreams with the support of their household Family Members. We offer Assisted Independence Master Suites configured in studio and one-bedroom designs that allow the desired independence and privacy, but also offer technology that allows the Family Member immediate access to assistance at times when they need it. Learn more here.

Our Memory Care neighborhoods are a place for New Journeys.

Memory Care is all about dementia. It is not enough to keep people secure and safe. This is not what Memory Care is all about. Safety and security are the minimum requirements, but by themselves they do not provide quality of life. At Bright Oaks we understand the difference between Alzheimer, Vascular dementia, Lewy bodies, frontal Lobe, Parkinson's, Wernicke-Korsakoff, and mixed dementia. We understand how they are different and how their patients should be treated differently.

We understand sun downing, poor judgment, impaired communication, disorientation, confusion, sleep disturbance, hallucination, memory loss, agitation, anxiety, and depression that comes from dementia, and know how to recognize them and how to address them.

In our New Journeys Memory Care, every day is a self-fulfilling new journey for each member of the neighborhood. Our New Journeys neighborhoods are designed to keep their members active and social through evidence-based approaches, including music, art, interaction, and other forms of neurocognitive stimulation that encourages the brain to continue working hard. Our environments are designed to bring calmness by reducing confusion and managing compound stimulations that may result in agitation and discontent.

Our staff (Extended Family Members) are all trained and certified to work with the daily challenges our New Journeys Family Members may face and to help them achieve serenity and a peace of mind.


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