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Bright Oaks of Aurora is radically different from other senior living communities available today. It grew out of a tremendous and urgent need to change the way the current system warehouses our cherished seniors. We are excited and proud to introduce an idea whose time is long overdue.

Here is a message from our CEO, Nader Kameli, about how Bright Oaks came to be.

A message from the CEO of Bright Oaks.
After visiting more than 100 assisted living and memory care communities, I became convinced that a completely new approach is was desperately needed—a more human approach. That’s why I created Bright Oaks—communities where seniors in need of assistance want to move for a more fulfilling life.

We reject the notion that when people age they’re no longer active and productive—that all they want is to eat, be entertained, and sleep. We believe that all people possess energy, intelligence and potential. As aging occurs, it might be necessary to adjust to physical changes, but life can still be new and lively if we’re encouraged to grow.

Everyone at Bright Oaks—the people who live here and the people who work here—are part of an extended family. We don’t have "employees" or "residents". We do not serve people. We have Family Members and Extended Family Members. Employees are just as important as "residents". All members of Bright Oaks families have to bring value to their families. The younger members help their elders with physical challenges. The older, wiser members offer the next generation the benefit of their wisdom and experience. Most of all, everyone has to respect the others and appreciate the value they bring to the family.

Seniors are the treasure of every society. At Bright Oaks, we cherish our treasures, appreciate their lives, value them just as they are, and encourage them to continue to grow and pursue active lives filled with meaning.

Nader Kameli
CEO, Bright Oaks Community

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